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In the sporting world, there is no greater achievement for an individual than being inducted into the Hall of Fame for his/her respective sport. The NFL just celebrated its 100th season and of the many thousands of NFL players to take the field over that span, only 294 players are in the hall of fame to date. Given the unlikeliness of any single player receiving this honor, there are endless debates among NFL fans, writers, analysts, media, players and coaches about who will eventually be inducted into the hall of fame. …

When driving through downtown Honolulu it’s not uncommon for your blood pressure to rise (at least not for a Kauaʻi boy like me). The hustle and bustle of city buses, closely packed 40-story buildings, poorly signed one way streets, and some of the worst traffic in the US is enough to make anyone anxious. It’s during these anxiety filled moments in the state’s capitol that I think, It’s no wonder I’ll never afford a house in Hawaiʻi… there’s no more room to build. However, when driving out to the country, the craziness fades away, and I see huge plots of unoccupied land. So I, like most Hawaiians, wonder why can’t I just build myself a house out here? Who own’s that land? What are they using if for? …


Micah Swain

Aspiring Data Scientist.

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